Pee Pee Essentials

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Essentials

Porcelain Thailand Japan
Other than to remember to put the lid down when you are finished there are a few things to keep in mind for the essential road trip essential. First priority for this traveler is cleanliness. Second, how can I get a two for one?  For instance stopping at the gas station will get one thing done — gas in the car — but the number two duty (pardon the pun) may not be so rewarding. My observation is go to the library in anytown USA and use the facilities. Not only do you get a sparkling clean WC but you can glean important information from the librarian such as where is the best restaurant (a subject of many upcoming blog posts) and the librarian can be your “fixer” in getting to know the lay of the land. Added benefit–  you can often grab free WiFi.

Second choice for clean restroom is a coffee shop — we all need caffeine on the road and coffee vendors are competeitive (think the big ‘bucks chain) and  tend to maintain a clean environment.

Lastly for an off-the-normal stopping off spot, and to see exotic wildllife, relieve yourself at a luxury car dealer’s showroom.  BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, etc.  Ignore the loafer-clad sales staff and go to the receptionist for directions. Extras can include WiFi, free coffee, and snacks.

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