Road Food – Part One

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Essentials, Food
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The classic downtown diner in a small town — NOT! They are rare my hungry friend. Here is a brief list of options for road-food-itis

  • Carry a snack at all times, preferably one with a smattering of protein. Paul always has three or four cheese cracker packets in his pocket – John opts for KIND energy bars
  • Hydrate. Keep a water bottle in the vehicle, stop and drink on a regualr basis, even if you are not thirsty
  • Trust but verify. The million travel websites and food rating links are not always reliable — you got a mobile phone — call ahead
  • The county seat/town square gambit.  Lawyers and judges (and cops) gotta eat and often demand chow a cut above fast food; look for the court house
  • Keep time in mind. Driving all night is driving into the zone of all-eatries-closed
  • Lastly, plan your day around food. Eat to live, or live to eat, you have to have nourishment to avoid getting hangry

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