How’d You Get That Shot?

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Photography
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double exposure 2
Ying and Yang in the newsroom. When working for daily newspapers one lesson learned was that the editors did not give a shite how you made a picture. They either liked it or rejected it. The sad song of , “I trudged through three foot snow drifts and got frostbite” were meaningless if the pic was a boring white blur. Conversely, a simple silhouette (some of you know who I am talking about) that took no thought and was a f8 and be there often could get front page play. Paul and John have two ways of dealing with this dichotomy. Paul goes with the Zen flow. When the editor asks, “Wow. Just wow. Stunning picture. How did you get this shot?” he answers, “Yes.”  John’s reaction to a rejected picture on the other hand was usually to swear bodily harm at the editor (and his mother) at top of his lungs and skulk out of the newsroom. Future posts wil delve into “how did you get that shot?”


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