Staycation — Practice Practice Practice

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Photography

Planning a trip – prepare by taking a staycation and practice your photo technique before you arrive at the exotic locale. Load yourself up with gear and walk to the nearest bus/metro stop and ride for 30 minutes — get off and hoof it for an hour and try to find a way back (if you end up taking a taxi, well, you learned an expensive lesson). Try loading up for different scenarios locally before you traipse globally. What photographic gear is needed?  Is it an outdoor street shooting day or are you going to be in low-light conditions (museums, churches, bars). Do you have a particular kind of shot in mind — do you really need to haul that 600mm lens?  Where will you be when the “golden” hour kicks in? How much walking, what is the crime situation, who is your travel companion, and you have planned your dining breaks, right (see Road Food  #1)? You can get a good sense of how you will hold up by practicing as a tourist in your backyard.


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