Ready for the Cartier-Bresson Moment?

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Photography

Miami_Beach 763 - Version 2
Who doesn’t want to capture the decisive moment? Paul and John are relucant to even mention the name Henri Cartier-Bresson, as we are not worthy. But the concept of the “decisive moment” is well defined. Each photog has to refine their tradecraft to even think about making a photographic moment count. Self-evident, but not always practiced, is just take pictures. You would be foolish to do strenuous exercise without limbering up first and photography requires a similar “stretching.”  Repeating, use your camera, make some pictures. Don’t fret that the image is boring or not worthy of HCB. One advantage of the digital camera is the freedom it provides to snap mindlessly (aka Zen-like). Flex that shutter finger, get your eye used to being at the viewfinder, make sure you have a sense of your lens perspective, embrace the mood of the lighting, get over the worry of bothering people and get-up in their personal space – make pictures.  Oh, and turn off the “review” function – don’t be a chimp chump gawking at the LCD!


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