Shameless Product Placement

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Cameras, Lenses, Photo equipment, Photography
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As many photographers have heard, Nikon had some problems with the D600 camera body. Many owners complained that they were seeing spots. The sensor was a problem in collecting dirt/oil/dust and repairs were not always sucessful. John had this problem with his camera and sent it in for cleaning… unfortunately he did not anticipate an upcoming road trip and was going to be sans-camera for a travel foray — ARRRAGGHH. However, the Nikon Gods shined down on him and have over-night-aired a new D610 for his trouble.  Yes, a new-in-the-box camera to replace the D600.  This is the Nikon we all bowed down to in the 1970s as the standard-of-the-industry. Regardless of fault (or in lieu of suing) thanks Nikon for showing you are still first class.

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