Astronomical Timing — Out of This World

Posted: August 16, 2014 in astrophotography, Photography
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Starry night
Wanna make pictures of the stars? Don’t want to see trails. Follow this simple formula for the longest streak-free times: 600 divide by the lens focal length.  i.e.  600/50mm lens =  12 second exposure or 600/20mm lens=30 second exposure.  Next is ISO.  Set it high and let it fly.  Seriously, new cameras have incredible light sensing capabilities and you can max out the ISO and be pretty assured of OK results. Some photographers recommend turning off “noise reduction” and taking care of corrections post-process. Sboot raw if you have the option, you will get more to work with afterward. There are many websites and online videos with advice on astrophotography. Not so many good monographs — check with your local librarian for suggestions. If you want to make a really long exposure with the stars in a circle — point the camera at the North Star and leave the shutter open for hours…


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