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Channel Fling

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Cameras, Lenses, Photo equipment

1 jumper sam cox _0028-1400
Paul is back in the UK and practicing his craft(y) ways. He captured this fearless channel jumper in Dover using a $30 add-on fish eye lens. Oh, but the water is cold.



Never fall for the hype. I was caught up in the excitement of the annual Perseids meteor shower and went to my favorite dark rural locale for stargazing and astrophotography, the William G. White and Erma Parke White Memorial Wildlife Area, thinking that there would be a few late-night astro-buffs to keep me company. Not. To add to my disappointment, in the solitary four hours I was there (yes, FOUR hours) I only saw about a dozen meteors. I think I have four frames with a meteor visible. I finally got bored. Tired and vaguely smelling of smoke (on leaving I saw that one of the 75 residents of the nearby town of Whiteside was burning trash at 3am), I started packing up. As an afterthought, I decided to try some light-painting play — traipsing around with a red-covered LED headlamp. A twenty-second exposure with the tripod-mounted Nikon D600 with 16-35mm Nikkor zoom captured sky and self(ie).