Photography, Architecture, Truth

Posted: October 25, 2015 in Art photography, Poetry

Dover UK
Only photography can explain how a pier appears. If you came to Dover, you could see the Prince of Wales pier, which was completed in 1902.   The shelter seen in the photograph was added in 1977

Some things are very hard to explain. Once a writing teacher said, give me three sentences about your home town.   I finally put down… i came. i saw. i departed.

Despite new devices, it’s still hard to communicate. i loved photography more than anything, because it was so hard to dispute. Words can have meanings multiple, but

THERE REALLY WAS a pier where boys and girls jumped

into the cold British sea, there was a place where just for a moment, sun, shadows and shapes spoke silently. There really was.

But in our digital age, one could show even the Eiffel tower standing in a crater on the moon, so if a digital image is to convince, you have to trust the source.

And you CAN trust me my friend, really, the check is in the mail.

Really, i’m from the government and i’m here to help you. Really…



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