Funky Fall Foliage

Posted: November 4, 2015 in Environment, Photography

Big Spring Missouri

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways is prime leaf-peeping country and like any photographer — who can resist the lure of Fall color everywhere. Apparently, not me. Upon seeing Big Spring, which releases an average daily flow of 286 million gallons of water into the Current River near Van Buren, Missouri, I chose to accent the color of the water. This was done by setting the white balance on the camera to “tungsten” which adds the monochromatic blue cast to the background and emphasizes the H2O. A slow shutter speed on a tripod mounted Nikon D90 shows the powerful motion of the water. I drew attention to the foreground by using an a Nikkor 10-24mm wide angle lens and retained the natural color of the moss-covered rocks by using an off-camera SB600 speedlight with an 81B gel (what photographers now call CTO “color temperature orange”) to match the exisiting white balance/color temperature.


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