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Posted: March 20, 2016 in ideas, Photography, Travel, UK

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It has been a busy three months. Paul made a pilgrimage to Amerika and returned to the UK with a boodle of images. I have been to South Carolina, Mexico, and four trips to rural Missouri. Fitting, I think, that on my last little excursion I was checking on sunrise/sunset times and they were both 7:09. Yes, Winter is behind us and this post represents a bit of mental Spring cleaning. So much for the rambling preamble; here are a selection of observations/activities from the last few months.

  • No car – sold my vehicle, bought a replacement and sold it – for now I am done owning a car
  • Moved from Apple’s abandoned Aperture to Adobe’s addictive drug Lightroom for photo processing and cataloging
  • Playing with Photomatix HDR and realize I know next-to-nothing about colour theory (my earlier photojournalism career was 90% B&W) and learning about colour is the “teach the old dog new tricks” conjure for this year
  • Read a lot, and between sub-par thrillers and mysteries, I have hit on a few reads I think are worth sharing…

…here is my short list.

  • Humorous fiction: Whirligig by Magnus Macintyre.
  • Two interrelated biographies: Crazy Horse by Larry McMurtry and Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher : the Epic Life and Immortal Photographs of Edward Curtis by Timothy Egan.
  • For my lone travels across rural Missouri, the Recorded Books version of On the Road
    by Jack Kerouac, read by Frank Muller.
  • For stimulating the visual cortex (with minimal photographs), The ongoing Moment by Geoff Dyer.
  • And for inspiring this blog post — from Mother Jones magazine — It’s True: Smart People Would Prefer You Went Away by Kevin Drum.
    Mother Jones magazine

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