Hey Guys

Posted: December 20, 2018 in Photography

Vlogging. The winter solstice is approaching and daylight is in short supply making YouTube a welcome (?!?) distraction. I have become slightly addicted to new friends who tell me all the ways I can improve my photography. I watch my buddy in Denmark, my bestie in the UK, my Floridan birder, and several others in unknown mountainous areas.  There are a several variations  — walk, talk and show examples simultaneously; walk and talk and show results later; mix and match, and of course blatant salesmanship. The levels of expertise vary and the production values generally improve with each episode.  Sad to say a few seem to be putting so much time into Vlogging that they no longer make interesting photographs. And it is understandable. Try carrying a video camera (phone, mirrorless, GoPro) on a stick while tracking wildlife, NOT!  The merry vloggers all say, “hi guys” when the camera starts to roll (although there are a few gals), and most are clearly new to the concept of what we of a certain generation call “film”. They don’t know about story-boarding, complex editing, and most glaringly, the fact that you don’t have to be linear when making a “movie”.  They do know gear and relish explaining (mansplaining) in excruciating detail the megapixels, millimeters, and flaws of every bit of kit including clothes, cameras, lenses, bags, microphones, computers, etc. Excuse me if I am being harsh, I do look forward to the segments and they are often inspirational and informative, but I sometimes wonder if the vloggers are just lonely. Think about it, spending hours waiting for the mountain hare, the red-crested boobie, the cowardly lion; often in the worst possible weather, in waders, or in a stinky blind — a solitary undertaking. What I am waiting for (and what is no doubt already extant) is photo vlogging via Twitch; real-time sharing the hours toting 45 pounds of gear up a mountain side to no avail; did I mention non-linear editing? Heroic outcome for a dubious undertaking.

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