About the intrepid photogs

ITEP wants to share travel tips and conundrums we have encountered in pursuit of photographs.  John Montre, Paul Dagys and our travel companions have many experiences on the road and perhaps our pitfalls and coincidences can guide you to “happy trails.”  Some of our posts will be obvious, but our sense of humor and illustrations will bring a fresh look at problems faced by travelers, and of course, we look forward to your ideas, suggestions and comments.

Paul Dagys is an award winning photojournalist and outstanding artist.  His travels include trips to his homeland of Lithuania, England, Thailand, Australia, and others.  He and co-blogger John Montre are both graduates of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and John has worked as a photojournalist for 15 years at various newspapers and as a successful freelance photographer.  John also has graduate degrees in library science and urban affairs and worked as a university reference librarian. The two amigos have been known to take photo excursions in search of art, wine and whatever…

Paul and John and a handful of cash

Paul and John on the road with a handful of cash – what could go wrong?


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