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Mac or PeeCee?

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Computers, Macintosh, PC
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John and Paul  fall on two sides of this question. John is a Mac fan-boy and has been since 1984 with his original Mac 128  and even spent time wroking as a Mac “specialist” at the mall Apple store. He has owned at least a dozen over the years (this may be why Apple stock is at record highs).  John also bought into the whole iOS thing with an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, etc. Paul uses a PeeCee portable computer and has had a bunch.  Most die from viral infections or just kluge-up and expire. Truth is that in today’s world the computer is a commoidity and you now just plan a replacement schedule of 2-3 years (usually the Mac will give you an extra year or two of service – negating the higher up-front cost). Of course the real answer is as simple as the question “what is the best camera?”  They are tools, and as such are used to produce – in our case – fantastic photographs. Use what you are comfortable with, and of course, what you can afford. Many photogs would argue that Mac is the way to go – simpler, more consistent components, long-term support. But is the tide turning?  Apple is no longer a “computer” company and its consumer focus… well just say is is not recieved well in some circles. And the interchangeablity of software between the two platforms negates any advantage.  So don’t be a slave to the manufacturers  (ha, be a slave to software sales/updates) and get out and make some pictures. Heck, the computer in your camera can probably process your RAW files better than many ‘puters.