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UK flags - Photo by Paul Dagys

“Brexit, or NO Brexit; that WAS the big question,

Whether ‘tis be nobler to leave this ‘Club of Europe’ or remain & suffer.

These bureaucratic & doctrinall of outrageous EU budgetary fortune,

Or take arms to a sea of immigrants,

And by rejecting end it, to fiscally wither, to weep;

No more Johnny Foreigner; that I say is the End!”

~Ray Russell
“More the Tragedy of Cameron, the Prince of a muddled Parliament”


I was at Tate Modern last week,  as you can see, the art scene in London is a real pisser.
They had a sculpture by Duchamp, and three more in another room.

London Calling

Posted: November 18, 2015 in London, UK

Wei Wei

“Grass roots”  project, 770 hand carved pieces, clumps of grass and a marble baby carriage by Ai Weiwei, one of China’s most influential artists. At the Royal Academy of Art through December 13th.


Selfie – No Exclusions

Posted: November 14, 2015 in Art photography, London, Photography, UK

Laura Knight self portrait
In the National Portrait Gallery in London, we were attracted to this self portrait by British artist Laura Knight, who painted this partly out of protest from being excluded from classes with nude models because she was female.


Boo to You

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Delmar Loop, London, Photography, UK
Singapore girl

Singapore bat-girl and ghoul friend in London

scary girl London

Scary little Londoner with “halo”Halloween Saint LouisHalloween revelers in the Delmar Loop St. Louis

Here is our Halloween wrap-up. Paul was struck that the old concept of British ‘reserve’ still seems to be with us. Compared to celebrations in New York, New Orleans, Memphis, and Chapel Hill, those in the UK have not embraced the opportunity to display their inner demons or fantasies.  John took a quick stroll through his neighborhood and found few participants as well (might have  had a different result if he hadn’t sacked-out at 8pm).