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Having made several long-distance train trips in the last few years it is great to have the opportunity to connect with fellow travelers. A sampling include Anthony, pictured above, who chatted with me on the platform in Albany, on his way to see family in NYC and then fly home to South Africa. My Swiss friend Jürg, whom I rode with from St. Louis to Austin, had crossed the Atlantic by freighter and was en route to Guatemala. Michelle, a retired nurse, was making the 80+ hour trip from Maine to San Jose to care for her 98 year-old mother. What do these folk have in common? I guess nothing more than an aversion to flying and, like me, a sense that being connected in the moment (as opposed to being ensconced in the virtual world of mobile phones, tablets and computers) has worth. As a grizzled traveler on a train from Chicago to Seattle once told me, ” I like the train, where else can you greet a friend, meet a friend, and make a friend.”

Train photo tip, take advantage of periodic “smoke breaks” to get off the train and mingle, everyone has a story to share and they are rarely opposed to being photographed. I find using my little point and shoot Lecia D-Lux7, as opposed to phone camera, adds a bit of “authority” to my impromptu portrait sessions, it is just as quick to use, and although far from the quality of a full-frame digital camera, it is hard to top for train candids.


Mardi Mobile

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Parade, Photography, Transportation, Travel

Mobile Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras
Everyone loves Mardi Gras parades and 110.000 came to see the festivities in Mobile, which is impressive because the population of the city is only 195,000.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Transportation

Paul is now in England. Had to cajole him to give us one last look at USA prior to boarding. Naturally, he whipped out two cell phone snaps.



Carnal Knowledge

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Accommodations, Hotel, Motel, Safety, Transportation

IMG_6242.JPGLooking for relief from the drudgery of the great American desert drive? Paul knows better than to fall to the temptations of the Sonoran sirens (don’t you Paul?).

sleek and sexy--- (1)
Paul set out on a 66 day cross-USA photo safari in his 2003 Dodge van last year. The $4000 bargain now has 130,000 miles and is still running great. Gas mileage is better than the full-size vans he had in the past, with highway driving getting 22 mpg. Paul has spiffed it up with bedding, power inverter, and other hidden goodies. Mega-trip number two starting this month!  John on the other hand is a whore to fashion (!!!???) with his three-letter black convertible.